Lutheran Church Representative Actions

Higgerty Law has been engaged by the District Subcommittee to represent the interest of the Opt-In CEF District Depositors to pursue their Representative Actions sanctioned in the financial restructuring court proceedings for Lutheran Church – Canada, the Alberta British Columbia District.  We acknowledge the tragic and significant financial loss these Depositors have suffered allegedly caused by the wrongful acts and omissions of the Defendants in the Representative Actions. We are committed to seeking just compensation for these Depositors through the Representative Actions.  Please understand that this legal process is very complex and will take time to resolve.  Please peruse this webpage for currently posted information and periodically for updates. 


April 23, 2018

The District brought an application on March 8th, 2018 to seek court approval for the sale of a Parsonage lot located in the POP Village and to approve a settlement between the POP Church and School and the District. There were no objections to the either the sale of the Parsonage lot nor the settlement agreement and The Court granted an order approving both transactions.


January 28, 2018

Court appearance has been scheduled in the CCAA Proceedings for March 8th 2018 to determine the status of the Derivative Actions. 

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