MONAT Global Corp. Class Action Lawsuit

Higgerty Law is currently investigating a potential Class Action Lawsuit against the makers of MONAT hair care products on behalf of individuals who purchased or used the product, and subsequently suffered damages.  



Have you purchased or used MONAT Hair Care Products?

If you or someone you know purchased or used MONAT Hair Care products, and suffered from hair loss, hair thinning, scalp lesions and/or blisters, or other skin irritations… then you may be eligible for potential compensation. Please contact Higgerty Law by completing the registration form below.

 This claim is brought forward by a group of individuals who allege that the Monat Global Company failed to adequately warn the consumer of the potential side effects and irreversible damage that could result from using their product. Further to this, these individuals allege that the company met their complaints with unsubstantiated claims of a “detox period” that would cause them to lose increased volumes of hair, and irritate the scalp before their product would begin to show benefits. Allegedly, the company would further encourage the clients going through this ‘detox’ to purchase more expensive Monat hair products under the guise that it would help speed the ‘detox phase’ along.

Symptoms of damage from using MONAT Hair Care Products:

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms while using MONAT Hair Care Products, please contact your doctor. We would also be interested in hearing your story and assessing whether or not your case would qualify once we conclude our research.

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Thinning
  • Redness of the skin in any areas that have been in contact with the product (i.e scalp, neck, face, shoulders, back)
  • Burning sensation of the skin in any areas that have been in contact with the product
  • Blistering of the skin in any area that has been in contact with the product
  • Hair breakage


As an experienced law firm we know what it takes to maximize your settlement. We will deal with all the paper work and legal side of things. 

Please note you are not charged ANY fees for engaging us to represent you in this class action – our law firm will be paid from recovered proceeds if this class action is successful. 

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